Artnova Catalogue

Art Nova

Unique textiles experiences, soft fibres and innovative foams are mixed together: pleasant and unexpected feelings for you, every time you sit on a Art Nova sofa. New forms and modules get together; they play with each other, creating new and free ways of interpreting the living spaces, generating elegant and aesthetic lines. Soft clouds of materials embrace you: craftsmanship blends with design and technology. Volumes and surfaces tell a story about new ways of experiencing comfort: products are transformed; backrests move and adapt allowing you to discover new and unexpected comfort and versatility levels.

Ghidini1961 Catalogue

Ghidini 1961

Ghidini Bosco of Villa Carcina company is the solid foundation of GHIDINI1961, a new design brand created in 2016 under the art direction of Stefano Giovannoni, who has put together a diversified creative team able to enhance the properties of brass, a valued material which features golden tones and reflections, pleasant to the touch for its warm and velvety surface, and so far unjustly disregarded by contemporary design. Being aware of the corporate potential, the creative team, which is skilfully led by Giovannoni, has developed a remarkable collection of items of furniture and accessories for daily use, which are characterised by innovative design, smoothed by classical and playful shades, consistent with the nature of brass. In this way, brass makes its debut in contemporary design, with ennobled rigour. The collection comprises works of art, where brass acquires an almost sculptural power, finely chiselled table accessories, bearing witness to Ghidini’s obsession for details.

Marchetti Catalogue


“Marchetti” products are easily recognized for their originality and style: a mix of taste and design that has characterized Marchetti Illuminazione creations for decades. Our aim is to respond quickly and effectively to customer requests through a wide range of solutions, which meet the needs of those who choose our products.

“Marchetti” offers creative, innovative, modern lines based on our experience, on craftsmanship and on the passion that has always made us stand out. Our products are not objects but forms of life, and are always made in Italy.



For four generations, the Olivieri family has been dedicated to crafting closet and millwork solutions that are the essence of Italian design; elegantly contributing to a home or office’s design. Since 1929, the family company prides itself on its artisanal roots and quality materials, while also striving to improve their production process by integrating high-tech means and methods. Olivieri believes in a world on a human scale and also in a better one, thanks to production choices that respect our environment.

TurattiT4 Catalogue

Turati T4

Turati T4 began business in the 1960s, in an area called Brianza, about 20 km north of Milan, where many of Italy’s major furniture manufacturers are located. It was in this area and during this period, thanks among other things to the extensive availability of qualified and skilled workers, that the cooperation started between manufacturers and designers that was to lead, in the following decades, to the development and creation of “Made in Italy” in the furniture industry as well.

This period also marked the start of collaboration with architect Angelo Moscatelli who designed between the ‘70s and 1990 specific products for the living area. In 1990, in conjunction with architect Martino Perego, the TRIPLO program saw the light. This was distinguished by strong compositional flexibility to cater for the needs of designers and interior decorators. Since 2007, the program has been developed and directed by the designer Giuseppe dell’Orto.

Vismara Catalogue


Vismara is a company specialised in the production of rigorously Made in Italy luxury furniture: the catalogue offers a wide range of high-quality furniture and accessories, from home theatres armchairs to billiards, motorised TV stands, sofas, bookcases, mirrors, vases and lamps, all conceived by the most skilled and expert interior designers.

Vismara provides everything you need to furnish your home with taste and elegance, hence designing private game rooms and home theaters that reflect a painstaking attention to detail and are adorned with a lot of modern and classical accessories and decorative items, so as to give a slight touch of authenticity and panache to all environments.

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