The Cosy sofa system is a contemporary and innovative retake of vintage suggestions and lines. The skilful design of curves and upholstery creates an original and fascinating play on volumes. Aesthetics speak of softness, hospitality, tradition and innovation.

Backs and arm rests curve softly and are sartorially enriched. Pleats and an original longitudinal layout exalt curves, conferring a distinctive and iconic appearance upon the product.
Single-block seating, long and suspended above the ground, effortlessly combine lightness and stability. Soft Hi-tex cushions complete a type of comfort which immediately wins the user over.

Elegant and welcoming aesthetics are characterised by soft and generous volumes, exalted by sartorial piping which outlines and enhances shapes. Plays on fabric and leather combinations describe refined and distinctive keynotes.

Cosy is a veritable system of modular elements which thanks to 5 bases, 2 backs and 1 arm rest enables infinite versions of sofas and configurations. Designed layouts, closed or open, can be changed and inverted on a whim over time. Seating is fitted with an original track system which enables the attachment of arm rests and backs to any point of the base.



  • Depth: 100 cm
  • Height: 76 cm
  • Seat height: 42 cm
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