Argo Circus Dartboard Cabinet Vismara

Argo, Dartboard Cabinet, is a real work of art. Argo Dartboard doors are decorated with the surrealistic illustrations of the Circus special edition. They hide the true heart of Argo Dartboard Cabinet: the target. It is a dartboard made of African Sisal, a natural fiber that does not allow the creation of holes.

Argo Dartboard Cabinet has a rubber printed with a geometric pattern, placed around the target and on the inside part of the doors. This material protects the darts cabinet from unlucky shoots.

Argo Dartboard Cabinet includes two sets of darts (6 pieces) placed in specific lateral spaces. Argo Circus Dartboard Cabinet is the perfect accessory to embellish and complete private game rooms, man cave and all areas of a luxury home.

SIZE: 156 x 10 x 95 cm


  • Width: 156 cm
  • Height: 95 cm
  • Depth: 10 cm
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