Curve is a system of islands characterized by sensual shapes coupled with soft, sculptural and cosy volumes. A system of sinuous elements that engage in play and accompany each other in original and elegant combinations: archipelagos of islands inspired by organic shapes of nature. The mobile backs enrich the system of sofas, guaranteeing total freedom of movement and comfort. The seat envelops, the backs welcome and follow the body, creating spaces that are ergonomic, private, inviting and versatile.

The alluring archipelago of innovative elements transforms home spaces, tempering traditional linearity with sensuality and softness, creating new living and aesthetic dynamics inside the home.

Sinuous compositions come close to the walls, mitigating rigid orthogonal layouts, generating curved and enveloping solutions that guarantee originality and functionality. Alluring and unusual shapes express a transversal aesthetic style that adapts and enriches the taste of different places.

The soft lines and texture of refined fabrics define a pleasantly suspended world that exudes timeless elegance.

In an apparent visual simplicity, innovative materials and sophisticated production technologies conceal the extreme versatility of use and pleasure of an unexpected and equally seductive comfort. Curve is a sofa system that generates a new alluring home space: surprising, reassuring and relaxed.


  • Height: 77 cm
  • Seat height: 42 cm
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