Transforms the way to experience your sofa, introducing innovative materials that capture your attention immediately. It’s distinguished by the lack of rigid division between right and left, front and back. The disposition of movable backrests is absolutely free and guarantees greatest comfort in your living space.

FILIPH allows us to indulge our needs and desires for functionality and movement. The backrests can be positioned into various configurations, from reduced to extended sitting, from formal to relaxed, inverted to form face to face conversations or transformed into a chaise-longue, and finally, into a free-standing large bed.

Irregular and symmetrical polygons combine with each other to define a dynamic and functional space. The pentagonal shape has been studied to combine perfectly with sofas 110 or 125 cm depth. It’s reversible and can be positioned right or left as you please.

An unexpected combination of leather and fabric enhances the refined yet cosy style of the sofa. Movable elements and cushions have an innate versatility to mix textures and several materials creating a sophisticated sensory bouquet of sensations.

FILIPH’ sculptural design has an understated elegance, thanks to the combination of its soft flowing shapes and rigorous lines. It is notable the angular shaped base, at 45°, which donates a great sense of lightness.

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