ULAOP – Marchetti

Light in Motion. Simple tubular metal structures give life to a series of products: appliques, suspensions and floor lamps, minimal and elegant structures which, like iconic totems suspended in space, remain waiting to transfer energy.

This happens from the moment in which, with a simple gesture, we place the luminous element on them: an opal plexiglass ring which, as if by magic, lights up and diffuses light into the environment.

Finishing: White, Black, Gold


Rings diameter
  • Ø 16 cm
  • Ø 20 cm
  • Ø 24 cm
  • Ø 28 cm
  • Ø 32 cm
  • Ø 36 cm
  • Ø 40 cm
Wall Lamp Composition
  • L 50/80 cm
Suspension Lamp Composition
  • L 90/120/160 cm
  • H 50/80 cm
Table Lamp Composition
  • 31 cm H 40 cm
Floor Lamp Composition
  • H 180 cm
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