Contemporary design and original combinations define the GLAM collection. A differentiated seating system, mobile back rests, accessories in wood and metal are composed and matched to create innovative combinations and layouts. Refined details and finishing exude timeless elegance in this sophisticated project.

The tense lines of gros grain profiles define and tame the structure’s generous and enveloping curves. Curved lines and cushioning are matched and seamlessly blend to create a balanced and contemporary flavour.

A seating system featuring original and ductile elements, enabling the creation of configurations ranging from traditional to innovative, with extreme versatility. Interpreting the living room area with new composition ideas enriches home interiors with a new and functional elegance. Creativity and rationality can co-exist.

Conventional sofas with seat cushion are matched with sophisticated end elements, with single block element bases which create refined and original combinations. Side tables, accessories and movable backrests alternate between elements, completing a system rich in aesthetic and functional inspiration.


  • Depth: 104 cm
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Seat height: 41 cm
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